The Council Corners

Keep off the grass!

Staying true to their vision of a town in the country, the LCC planners left natural open spaces through the estate and also provided many greens and verges as well as areas of shrubbery at the junctions of roads.  These last were known to the children as "Council corners" and were a great place for hide-and-seek.  The problem was that the Council had planned that the greens and corners were just for appearance and not for play.  The corners have disappeared now having been absorbed by front gardens.

Desmond Reynolds remembers the LCC's strict rules and the disappearance of the green railings.

The green outside the house there was surrounded by iron railings - only small iron railings.  These were taken away as soon as the war started to be used for scrap.   But the Council were very strict.  They used to have uniformed men coming round on bicycles and if you was caught on the green, you was in trouble. And if you didn't keep your gardens tidy, the Council would come and tell you, you gotta get them tidy - cut the grass and that.

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Evesham Green with a railed green and a "corner" (Sutton Local Studies and Archives) ( KB)

Evesham Green with a railed green and a "corner" (Sutton Local Studies and Archives)

James Jackson remembers the scourge of the LCC patrolman

Rosalie Jackson remembers playing in the corners

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I remember playing hide and seek with my brother on one of these council corners in the 1970's! My nan's lived one door away from each other. One in Crowland Walk and one on the corner of Crowland Walk and St Helier Avenue. My brother and I played in the 'corner' on Cerne Road which had lots of lovely large shrubs to hide in. Last time I was over that way it had been taken up into someone's garden. Happy memories!

By Tina Claydon (nee Watson)
On 18/12/2012

We used to live in Bishopsford road opposite St. Peter's Church, during the early fifties after the council men had dug over the ground in the shrubbery fronting our house, my brothers and I put colanders on our heads and even the large saucepan used for boiling hankies ! Then we would hide among the bushes and launch hand grenades ( sods of earth ) into the air hoping to hit one or other of us great fun.

By Barrie Bennett
On 03/11/2018

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