Cottage Farm in the 20th Century

Photo:Luther Ansell with his son Len

Luther Ansell with his son Len

Len Ansell

Beautiful atmosphere. Them days have really gone.

In the 1930s, Luther Ansell was living at Cottage Farm with his family as a manager for the Carter family who owned it. The farm's main produce was vegetables though a little lavender was still grown. Luther had learned to work with horses in his army days and they were the focus of his life.

His son, Len, remembers:

Well, there were three Shire horses in one stable - one end of which had a lot of straw in there for storing. My dad used to get up about five o'clock in the morning and he used to go down to groom the horses in the morning and get them started. And he never ever found the horses lying down. He always said they heard him walking down the path in the morning and they would already be standing up when he'd go in there. So he used to go and get them ready. There was a massive great water tank outside the stable where they had the drinking water. And then he would harness them up during the day - tie them up to the equipment, either a cart or a plough or rake or roller and then take 'em out in the fields and do the work. He spent a lot of time in the evening brushing them, grooming them, - a lot of time. That was his life.  (Len Ansell)



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Cottage Farm is mentioned in the *Finance Act Duties on Land Values in 1910. It was owned by Samuel Charles Long of Aldershot who had been a Major in the Rifle Brigade but was rented by William Henry Noakes. He was a Greengrocer in William Street and appeared to rent a number of acres in the surrounding area. Cottage Farm was measured at 32 acres 2 rooks and 25 perches and consisted of a House, Stables and Piggeries. It was an Agricultural farm. The site was rented on a yearly lease at £65-10s the first part from 1st March 1900 and the remainder from 29th September 1906. It is recorded on the 1911 census that the Wyatt family were living there. William Noakes lived at his shop in William Street. *Surrey Local History Centre, Woking - 2407 Box 7 Forms 37 1911-1913 Sutton Grove to Wrythe Lane

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