Everyday life

What was it like on the estate in days gone by?  The residents share their memories of their homes, their lives and the high days and holidays.

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Page link: Buses
There never was any at first
Page link: Childcare, School Clinics and Dr Black
Childcare, School Clinics and Dr Black
Her mission in life was to rid every child of their tonsils...
Page link: The Tyre Dump Fire
The Tyre Dump Fire
The black stuff was coming down for weeks
Category link: Modern times
Modern times
Modern times
Category link: School life
School life
what was it really like?
Category link: Life outside
Life outside
What went on outside the front window - playing out, transport and home deliveries
Category link: Good times
Good times
Hear about celebrations and outings
Category link: Bad times
Bad times
Accidents and emergencies
Category link: Home life
Home life
What it was like to live in a St. Helier home
Category link: Sports and Clubs
Sports and Clubs
How people spent their leisure time