Long Trousers

A rite of passage

Until the 1960s, short trousers were the normal wear for boys until they reached the age of 12 or 13.  In the 1930s, short trousers were normal for older boys as well when dressing informally.

Photo:Wearing short trousers actually extended well beyond childhood

Wearing short trousers actually extended well beyond childhood

James Jackson

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Absolutely a right of passage, It was 14 when you got to leave school or just before if you were lucky, I can remember how you would all stand and admire each others, new baggy trousers with the thick turn ups which caught bits of dirt, grass seed and anything else that was flying around, we were so proud to be as we thought grown up. Most were held up by braces and a belt very popular at the time, with three coloured horizontal stripes and an S shaped buckle made to look like a snake.

By Ted Blowers
On 09/09/2010

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