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By Beverley Walker

This is a website focusing on The St. Helier Estate in South London.

We are interested in your memories of living and working in the local area. Whether you have lived here since the beginning, or have knowledge of before it was built or even if you are a relative newcomer, we would love to hear from you.

  • What was it like to grow up on the estate?
  • What was your school like?
  • Where did you work?
  • What did you do for leisure activities?
  • The war years
  • Local amenities
  • Your community

Look around the site, add a comment to the relevant page or contact us at

This website is for you and we look forward to seeing your contributions.

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  • Images to the site may be cropped or digitally enhanced, for example to improve contrast.
  • Helier Memories is under no obligation to publish any text or photos submitted to the site.
  • Helier Memories may reject any material that may infringe copyright laws, cause offense or for other legal reasons.
  • Helier Memories cannot accept any contributions from any commercial, marketing or advertising material. We will however accept contributions of an editorial content, for example reminiscences of your days at work or helping the local community.

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This page was added by Beverley Walker on 19/07/2010.
Comments about this page

This page looks very interesting indeed. I will write something for you in the future, as I lived at 195 Peterborough Road from 1942 to 1958 and went to Welbeck Road No 8 School. I am lucky enough to have a pretty good recall of the war in our area and across London from about late 1943, and had fun at the Morden and Carshalton children's outings to Littlehampton and like all my friends got very excited by The Rubber Dump fire in 1947 and Barbour's bonfires on Mill Green. I was born in 1941 so can remember a lot that went on, and when I have finished some major DIY here in Devon, will contact you again........Cheers...Ron Harris.

By Ronald Harris
On 16/05/2013

What a wonderful site for so many happy memories! Well done folks. I lived on the estate from 1953 to 1970 when I left for a job in Essex. Now live in Australia but the old council estate is still very dear to mine, and evidently many other people's, hearts. Thank you for this hard work.

By Steve Smith
On 11/03/2013

I was told of this site by an old school friend. It is a wonderful memory bank full of what was way back in time, when people like me were kids. Well done, I will be taking a look and adding a few words of my own.

By Ron Harris
On 16/05/2013

Oh lovely memory trail...I arrived in St Helier Hospital and lived at 125 Shrewsbury Road from 1951 until i married in 1971, but my family stayed there until they passed over, and it was finally handed back to the council in 1994, my nan first moved in when it was brand new in 1938, great website..

By brenda cookey-leeks (nee Ferridge)
On 13/06/2013

Arrived on a cold winters day in November 1952 at 50 St Albans Grove, everyone said I upset there Sunday lunch!! Lived there until 1962 when we moved to Camberley, but back 2 years later and moved into 119 Shrewsbury Rd. Fond memories of the old estate, now living in Western Australia, but whenever I come home I make sure I get to visit, good memories!!

By Jeff Fraser
On 19/09/2013

Told about page from a friend . loved it . lived at 135 Robertsbridge Rd from birth in 1944 until I joined up in 1963. very fond mems of area and great people who lived there . Live in Yorkshire now but arranging with two friends, who also lived there for a nostalgic visit soon .Hopefully will meet up with old friends 

By Bill Munro
On 29/09/2014

I was born in St Helier's hospital and lived in Quarr rd for my 1st 2 years then on to Middleton Road for the next 12 years. I miss the old way of the area and this site helps keep the memories alive. I went to Malmesbury Junior school but instead of going on to high school they introduced the middle school - a total disaster in my opinion. However, I have very fond memories of the old area and neighbours.

Hopefully one day some old photos will turn up and I will see myself and my old school chums all together again.

By Gill Cole
On 30/10/2014

I went to the catholic school in Montecute road and had Hill House as outing place if we were good.

By d,o'brien
On 17/02/2015

Was told about this site from my nephew It has been great reading about people memories a lot of the memories are a bit before my time. I lived on St. Helier Ave from about 1958/1970 good times by all.

By Janette Gillmore
On 05/09/2015

I lived on the estate from 1947 to 1971. Went to Green Wrythe School then Willows. My maiden name was Lewer. I was interviewed when the site had a lottery grant, donated photographs and produced a display on the history of a mansion house thast used to be behind our house in Faversham Rd.

By Rosemary Turner
On 08/08/2017

I would very much like to find out some information about my restaurant the ginger Italian at 6 green Wrythe lane. Right next to the BP garage. if anybody can tell me what my restaurant used to be used for. I found a picture but the sign is partially covered... I think it says ”will....”

By Danielle Low
On 03/11/2018

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