Holy Family Metalwork Class 1958

Picture taken by Mr Jones the Metalwork master

By Brian Keegan

Photo:Metalwork Class

Metalwork Class

Brian Keegan

I also went to the Holy Family Secondary Mod from 1957 to 1959.

In my first year there was no metalwork so about 6 boys volunteered to go into the Domestic Science class with Mrs O 'Sullivan. but we were not allowed to do cooking but made basketry instead. I still have a tray that I made under her tuition  although I had to redo the canework recently, and I could not work out how we had finished it off so neatly all those years ago. The picture is of out metalwork class in my second year, I am in the middle wielding a mallet , we all made a fish slice which included using a lot of techniques including having to braze a brass ferrule and turning a handle using mahogany as a source material.

I won a 1d off Mr Holden, when making a table lamp I had to drill a holes down the middle of the  upright , drilling from each end and he bet me I would not meet in the middle, but  did and he paid up.


I left in 1959 and went to the Richard Challoner at Malden Manor together with quite a few class mates.

Brian Keegan

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