Sale of Henry Hoare's Estate 1828

This map shows the extent of Henry Hoare's estates in Carshalton and Mitcham

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Sutton Local Studies and Archives

Batt's Farm is covered by No. 41-58 with the farmhouse and yard itself at No. 55.  Most of the land was listed as arable and the field names generally simply reflected the size of the field.  For example, No. 53 was "The Ten Acres".  However No. 41 was called "Woodcocks Field".  There were two meadows: No. 58 and also "Cookson's Meadow" at No. 46. The tick marks in the fields that this land has been enclosed.

The farm which is sandwiched between Wrythe Lane and Green Wrythe Lane was described as a "ferme ornee" or "decorative farm" in the sale catalogue though eventually it became known as Hill Farm.  Its lands are covered by Nos. 59-82 with the farm house and cottages being Nos. 83 and 84.  Again the land is listed mainly as arable but there are meadows at No. 62 "The Pond Field" and at No. 69.  No. 66 and No. 71 "The Stable Field" are described as pasture.  The Stable Field was later the site of Hill House.  Most field names are connected to acreage, but No. 73 is "The Granary Field" and No. 82 is "Pollard's Field". The fact that there is no indication of enclosed land probably indicates that these fields had existed for a long time before 1828.

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