The Ice Cream Man

Stop me and buy one

Walls ice cream came first by tricycle and later by van. Another firm called Shall's also delivered in a red and white van.

A friendly gesture

Evelyn Rice (née Dyer) remembers a generous ice-cream man on the eve of war.

Photo:Stop me and buy one - though this photo is not St. Helier

Stop me and buy one - though this photo is not St. Helier

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Hi, Great to hear the lady's memories. I recall the fantastic 'LEO's ice cream man from Mitcham, particularly, the wonderful lollies with the ice cream half way down the lolly stick. (YUMMIE) I wonder if anyone has a photo of him?????

By Vince Bridle
On 03/09/2012

Yes I also remember Leo's mobile Ice Cream van, it used to stop at the bottom of Hunston Road and Glastonbury Road.  We could all hear him from his previous stop, so would wait on the corner for the van to arrive.

By Freddie Knopp
On 05/09/2012

My brother used to sell ice creams from a bike in St. Helier Avenue. Remember Leo's at Mitcham? He used to stop outside our house on the avenue and Malmesbury School. Remember too the Leo's lollys - a small amount of orange on top, then ice cream and red at the bottom .

By Heather
On 29/09/2012

The Leo's ice cream man that went down Peterborough Road was called Charlie. Those three-colour lollies were a favourite there too. When I was a little older, I used to cadge some dry ice from him from the vans fridge - you could do fun things with it. Tring's was another memorable ice cream who sold, among his other wares, a pyramid-shaped pineapple lolly the like of which I have never tasted since.

By Phil Masters
On 07/10/2012

My mum remembers Leo's ice cream man, she said as children they used to sing to the tune of Tra la la boom de ay, "Leo Dimachio, Sells Icy Creamio, Gets lots of Monio, Leo Dimachio". During the war when everyone hated Italians she said he had a sign saying 'Entirely British'.

By Annette Hughes
On 26/08/2013

Although moved from estate went there when I was 6 months old. The grove for tiddlers. Leo the ice cream man and the little kiosk in Culver we called sweetladies. The tannery at the wandle where we cycled and the bread van that called. If you have cream soda with ice cream in you were really living. Oh halcyon days


By carol shorten
On 18/07/2017

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