Wrythe Lane

The route to Morden

Until the late 19th century, this lane had been known as Spartelmy or Sparkelmy Green Lane. Wrythe Green itself was called Sparkman's Green.  Wrythe Lane was  wide and lined by hedges. It was the most direct route from Carshalton to Morden, via Rose Hill. Writing in April 1933, a local Carshalton artist described a walk over the new estate.

Our way took us along the Wrythe Lane, until recently a winding lane bordered by the dear old double hedges of Surrey.  Here, at one time, we used to ramble, picking "pussy willows", acorns or blackberries with which to fill our baskets.*

*Wallington and Carshalton Times, 6 April 1933

Photo:Wrythe Lane circa 1919

Wrythe Lane circa 1919

Sutton Local Studies and Archives

Derby Week

Most of the time it would have been very quiet with the occasional farm cart, gentleman's carriage or pedestrian but during race week  it probably carried a great deal of traffic as people thronged to Epsom.  Local schools had real problems with absenteeism during race week. During the 1860s  the children were given the day off for Derby Day and Oaks Day.  A description of the lanes near Carshalton  tells how children would run alongside the carriages and toss in little posies of flowers in the hopes of being thrown pennies for them.  The week after the races, the hedges on either side of the lanes were covered in powdery, white dust raised from the wheels of all the vehicles.





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When we came to the estate we thought we had arrived in heaven, yet looking at the photos of what had to be destroyed to give us somewhere decent to live, makes me understand the animosity of some of the locals. Over my life time I have seen this scenario repeated many times, whole ways of life uprooted and destroyed,terrible shame even when its for the greater good.

By Ted Blowers
On 22/06/2012

Wow I love this. Amazing history. 

By Peter
On 18/07/2017

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