Building the Roads

There was no roadways, no pathways, no nothing ...

When the building of the estate began, there were very few roads on the site and those that did exist were rough tracks.  Recognisable on the older Ordnance Survey maps are Green Wrythe Lane, Wrythe Lane, Bishopsford Road, Green Lane and Love Lane. The roads and streets had to be constructed using materials brought by the builder's private railway.  The railway lines are clearly visible in this photo.

Len Ansell remembers Wrythe Lane being built

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Construction of Middleton Road (Sutton Local Studies and Archives) ( KB)

Construction of Middleton Road (Sutton Local Studies and Archives)

Edna Smith recalls the first roads

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Some links from the 'Britain From Above' website covering 1919-1953: Housing surrounding St Helier Avenue and environs, Morden, from the south-west, 1931

St Helier Hospital and Queen Mary's Hospital for Children under construction, St Helier, 1939

The Mullard Radio Valve Co Ltd Mitcham Works, Hackbridge, 1927

The Wandle Valley Isolation Hospital and the surrounding residential area, St Helier, 1947

By Tim Gillard-Stapleton
On 18/02/2014

Not a lot of people know this but all the roads on the estate have a connection to religious places. Loads of Abbeys.

Why not look into it and prove me wrong.

By Jack Goodchild.
On 17/09/2015

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