Treats at Hatfeild's

"... and he gave us bunches of roses for our mothers"

Photo:Boating on the summer outing 1935

Boating on the summer outing 1935

© National Trust, Morden Hall Park


In the early years of the estate's existence, Morden Hall was owned by Gilliat Hatfeild.  He was a quiet, almost reclusive man, who had a great love of the countryside and, it seems, of children.  Every summer St. Helier children were taken by school group to Morden Hall for a day's treat. Towards the end of his life, Hatfeild realised that his beloved lands were in danger of being swallowed up by building and so he made the decision to give the property to the National Trust to ensure its continued existence.  Local residents today can still appreciate this truly beautiful place and enjoy Hatfeild's rose garden.

Photo:A happy day in the 1930s

A happy day in the 1930s

© National Trust, Morden Hall Park

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Lord Hatfield as he was known to us, though I don"t think he was a true Lord, also in the winter used to send around to all the schools a concert party consisting of conjurors, clowns etc. He was a very kind man. A bachelor who just loved kids, maybe just of the poorer ones?

By Gordon Jones
On 27/07/2011

I don't think that these outings still happened when I lived at Hatfeild Mead off Central Road. Gilliat Edward Hatfeild is buried in St. Lawrence Church, London Road and his grave is quite near the front of the churchyard by the road. It is nice to see his name spelled correctly. Even Merton Boro' Council put up road signs spelled Hatfield, not Hatfeild.

By John Wilkin
On 16/08/2013

My Mum and my Aunt Lou used to go on these trips, I think they are in the boat picture. We also had a house named Hatfield when I went to Glastonbury School in the 1960's

By Paul Gilbert
On 29/05/2015

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