Early days

Why did the LCC build St. Helier?  How was it planned and built?  Early residents remember moving in.

Page link: Bricks, Tiles and Porches
Bricks, Tiles and Porches
Building detail from the estate
Page link: Building the Roads
Building the Roads
There was no roadways, no pathways, no nothing ...
Page link: Building the Schools
Building the Schools
Accusations of favouritism
Page link: Inside the Houses
Inside the Houses
It wasn't a very big, imposing place ...
Page link: Lady St.Helier
Lady St.Helier
A brief background of Lady St Helier
Page link: Living Conditions in London
Living Conditions in London
... two rooms to live in when you've got a family of six ...
Page link: Open spaces
Open spaces
The green, green grass of home
Page link: Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
The view from outside the estate
Page link: The Builders' Railway
The Builders' Railway
They built a railway from Mitcham Station ....
Page link: The First Residents
The First Residents
You had your own privacy
Page link: The Houses
The Houses
Little boxes on the hillside...